Thursday, October 14, 2010

Almost done!

Wow, I'm in my 37th week now and getting pretty excited to meet my little darling. If it's really a girl,(which I do think it is) her name will be Olivia Love. Olivia was the very first name that dropped on my mind when we found out I was pregnant again. But then as we know, we were told it was a boy so that took "Olivia" out of the running. I guess Olivia wouldn't make such a great name for a little stud of ours, would it?! But at our 30 wk ultrasound we got the news that it's actually a girl! :) I'm so happy to add another little cookie to our clan. Stella and Naya are such little mama's and can't wait to meet her. Oh- and the reason I mentioned "if it's really a girl" is b/c my friend also had an ultrasound at 30 wks and was told it's a girl...and delivered a boy. SO...I'm trying to stay at peace with that kind of situation possibly happening to us. At least we have a great boy's name (Elias Theodore) IF it does happen. Anyways, I had my weekly appointment this morning and not a thing is happening with my uterus. No dialation, no thinnning of my cervix...nothing. It's amazing how that can be the case with all the pressure and sharp stabs I'm feeling 'down there.' I mean, sometimes I feel like this baby could break my water with all the ninja moves 'she' is doing in there. I guess her little water balloon is getting kinda tight these days. And let's not even talk about how totally deformed and not-round my belly gets when she's in her "awake time." She's definitly not moving around as much throughout the day anymore, but by the evening she's ready to show off her moves. It's so funny how we (preggo people) miss all of this when we're not pregnant anymore. I remember missing Naya being in my belly right after she was born. I was so happy to hold her in my arms and see her beautiful face, but I guess there's just something so incredible and powerful and spiritual about having your child nestled safely inside of you. Thinking on that, I've decided not to be anxious in the 'get this baby out of me' kind of way anymore. Within the next few weeks, she will be out and I'll be blessed with another arrow to our quiver. But for now, I'm going to relish all of those sharp jabs and other crazy ninja moves she gives me while she's tucked away "peacefully" within me. :)


  1. i CAN not believe you are that far along. you have to post a pic of your belly. so unfair to have no pictures!!

  2. well stated my friend. well stated. :)