Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Another Move

Within the last 4 months since I posted last so many things have happened! It's incredible how unpredictable life can be. My last post was written from Haiti where we moved and hoped to settle down long term. We had plans to be there, close to family and for Theo to work in construction with his dad. I would continue to be home with the girls. We would start and help facilitate Christian community. We felt good about it. Now fast forward a bit. We left Haiti on May 19th and came to Puerto Rico to be with family for a while. We left Haiti for many reasons, some we can share openly, some not. But we've been in Puerto Rico with my {Melissa's} family here and it's been sweet. Sweet to see my grandmothers' and grandfather and extra sweet for my 4 girls to get to know them. It has been so good for all of us. Right now we're in this time of decision for where we should land long term. Re-writing our plan for our family. All about where God would have us and what's best for our little crew. We're spending our time praying, enjoying family for the summer, Theo is working and we're meeting new people here. I'm learning more of my 'native land' and I don't remember it ever being so beautiful. We're all thankful for so many things...for our time in Haiti, for our time here. For whatever God has for us next, because we know it'll be good. His plans for us are good. It's good to trust Him. For all who have asked, here's as much info as I can give. Haiti was a fairly short lived venture for us.... not what we expected at all, and that's ok. We make decisions that sometimes don't go as planned...and I believe that whatever way things turn out in our lives, it's because the author and finisher of our faith has better plans for our lives than we could ever come up with for ourselves. We also see through rose colored glass so often. We are praying a lot about what our future should look like, where it should be and how it should happen. God is in control, and we trust that process.

If you want to talk to me more about it all, you can email me or contact me on facebook.
love and blessings!