Monday, April 23, 2012


We've discovered something amazing over the last few years. A person's willingness to say yes to the Lord's guidance for their lives, and actually obey and follow His lead is one of the most powerful and blessed lifestyle changes one can make. To take the time not just to think intellectually about the course of life, but to actually bring it before the throne of God and ask him for his leadership is an incredibly wise and incredibly controversial thing. Even in the family of believers, it sounds like such wisdom to pursue the things that are in your heart and to use all your gifts and in terms of worldly wisdom, that is true! But as we pursue life in Christ, He instructs us to lay down our lives, for his sake. That includes every part of our lives...our gifts, dreams, finances, possessions, family, feelings,and even our's everything. Now, in pursuit of his will, He may very well use those things for His glory and purposes on His timing and in His way. {If you're willing to go there.} But even with all the things we assume fall under 'wise living'- we are truly wise to 'check in' so to speak with the Lord himself to know if it's truly wisdom from Him, or it's some worldly wisdom we've acquired from this life.

The Word tells us that if we ask him to show us the best path for our lives, he will show us. If we need wisdom from Him, he will give it freely!  It also says that in Christ all things are permissable but not all things are beneficial. If you're in the vein of wanting the absolute best for yourself and your family, and you want to pursue the things are actually beneficial for your lives, then ask Him and be willing to follow his lead! Many times that will take you in directions you never may have imagined were on your route of life. A big example of that in our lives is that fact that I'm writing this letter from our home in Ensenada, Mexico. We are filled with joy and peace being here, but it was never one of those places we had these strong feelings for and we certainly didn't imagine ourselves living here. But God is good and we are so honored to serve Him here right now!

The Lord's will and plan for our lives is awesome and an absolute adventure! To live your life in full abandonment to his leading will produce real trust in him, faith to believe in his faithfulness to us, and things like joy, peace and comfort where otherwise it's not actually needed that much, because we may be so comfortable in our own leadership. We may believe that we really trust God with our lives, but are you ever in a position to actually have to trust him? Are you in a place in life where you rely on his guidance and leadership? If not, ask him for that! He longs to lead you down a life of glorifying Him, and producing everlasting fruit in your own life! And nothing else can bring such satisfaction  and fulfilling feelings that come with knowing that you're actually walking hand in hand with your Creator. It's awesome! Go for it.

I write this with a quickly growing love for the Body of Christ at large and of course for the specific believers that God has brought into my life. I'm so blessed to run the race of life with you all.
Lots of Love,