Wednesday, November 7, 2012

I'm Behind!

Yes, I'm saying I'm WAY behind on my blogging! Sorry, to whoever reads and keeps up with us! As mostly everyone knows, life is busy!! Especially life with little ones running around! So, it's a unique day...President Obama was voted president of the US again last night. Today, many  people I know on facebook were commenting on their sadness or fear. It was interesting timing because I got to see my sweet little #4 in my tummy last night via ultrasound. I saw his/her heart beating so fast and saw that everything seems perfectly healthy. Obviously I'm pretty excited about that not only because my last pregnancy ended "early" you could say, but we just love life. My own children make me want more kids!

So, to see so many people in such unrest- I'm over here celebrating the beautiful blessing the Lord has given me. And I'm reminded that my future...and my children's future is in His one else. The Lord puts kings and leaders in their positions. He builds them up, and tears them down. GOD is in charge. And thankfully, my trust, my rest and my peace is in Him alone. 

I'm not oblivious to the fact that the world around me is changing...and not for the better...but the Word is clear about things getting worse before they get better, before the return of our Lord Jesus. And don't we WANT Him to come back already??! I sure do! And like someone else noted today, knowing that we're serving and following Jesus as our King and Savior, we feel a certain comfort that this is happening in our day while we can help navigate our children's heart for God, so they too will lean on Jesus for their security and hope. What a blessing!!

So we'll see what the next 4 years will look like with this president that the Lord has put in his place, but it will definitely be including another Steinhauer baby! Four year is a long unborn will be just over 3 years old, Olivia will be 5, Naya will be 8 and Stella 9. Wow, what will life look like? Where will we be? I have no answers, and it's ok. I really do trust God. 

My prayer is that all my friends whose hope is in the Lord now, would remain strong and courageous. Not shaken by these earthly matters. And for my friends and family who are without their Salvation heart and prayers are truly for you. That in His mercy, our Lord would reach the hardest and darkest places of your heart and bring you His love. And of course, that you would accept it and become His. It's the best life decisions you could ever make. 

Lots of Love...