Monday, September 12, 2011

We made it!

I can't believe we actually live in Mexico now! Mexico just wasnt in the cards of places we thought we'd ever move to, but I guess when you decide to let God lead your life you end up in some cool new places. We're really excited to see what the deal is with us being here, so as we set up shop we're spending alot of time in prayer trying to get some clues. :)
We've been here for like 3 full weeks now and learning to do life in Ensenada is really fun so far. First of all, it's thrift store heaven here. For reals. The main street before you get off to come to our neighborhood is packed with them. And really good ones too...all the little mexicana ladies go up to San Diego and wipe out all the garage sales and craigslist and bring it down for me to enjoy! It's awesome. Actually, I think the little mexicana ladies make their husbands do all of that and they do the negotiating to get a decent price for it all. Pretty fun. :) SO since we left all our stuff in Florida, we've been in start up mode regarding furniture which I don't mind at all. :) Except right about now that we have no moola to get the rest of the stuff we need like a dining room table and chairs, a washer and dryer, beds for the girls, silverware and some other stuff. Bummer. Stinks when I see something I like at a segunda and like 5 minutes later it's gone. The mexicans are quite at swiping the good stuff and some of them are livin' large here thanks to So Cal!
It's cool though, we're learning to be content with what we have and making it all work until the Lord provides more. Thank God we hosted last semesters home fellowship at our house b/c we had a bunch of plastic forks, spoons and paper plates left over which is what we've been using almost every single day since we moved here. Sweet. No dishes! {well, no dishwasher either!} Our real silverware got scooped up by some unsuspecting blessee at a Goodwill store in FL. Same with our plates, mugs and kids stuff. I'm wondering what else didn't make it across the country with us since we're not all unpacked yet. We'll see what else we randomly gave to the Goodwill just b/c it was heavy. I know my sewing machine was in that pile. :( But surely the segundas will hook me up with whatever I need, and for cheap too! Yessss. Sorry Target, seems you're taking back burner to my little mexicana friends right now. Besides that the nearest Target is in another country now. {I'm just trying to cope....I really do love Tar-jay}.
Anywho...once we get a little more settled, which hopefully will be by tonight b/c I can't handle the chaos happening in my house right now....I'll post pictures of whats been happening and of the house and of whatever else.
Thanks again to all our friends who hosted us and loved on us while we made the journey across the US of A. It was intense but you all made it fun.
Pics coming soon.