Saturday, April 30, 2011

Prayer Time...

So I'm sitting on my bed listening to Stella and Naya pray while they are in their 'secret place' with Jesus....aka Theo's closet. :)

Stella: 'Dear Jesus I am just so sorry for not obeying you. Please heal our bodies and grandma and grandpa's bodies, in Jesus name, Amen...

And thank you for dying on the cross, and heal all the chocolate people in Haiti. In Jesus' name, Amen. '

Naya chimes in every few seconds with, 'Yes, Lord!'

Hahaha! This is the best.

Oh then Stella asks if she can have a treat for praying such a good prayer, hahaha!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Just to catch up...

The girls are huge. I can't believe Stella will be turning 4 in just 2 months. I'm trying really hard to cherish every single day I have with the girls since clearly time flies. Naya is talking so much now too...I guess this is the point where they go from saying a handful of words to full on conversations about everything you could think of {that sometimes just doesn't end!} :) Stella and Naya are just such sweet hearts...I mean it...they are coming into their own little personalities and they are showing such sweetness and love...I guess this is the fruit of our prayers for them! Thank God for His faithfulness to hear our prayers! Olivia is almost 6 months old already. I could cry. I purposely took in every part of her life b/c I knew it would pass so quickly, but this is just beyond what I expected. I feel like she should still only be 3 months old. She sits up alone {occassionally falling over}, eats her baby food {the best of the 3 so far}, and has begun crawling.....backwards. :) She'll get her directions straightened out soon enough. But I just am enjoying motherhood like never before. I feel incredibly blessed and am so grateful for my family. We've been really enjoying our home fellowship group that meets here at our house on Sundays for church. Honestly, it was a big group of strangers at first....people of all ages and stages in life...none of whom I knew. Well maybe 1 or 2 tops. But this group that has been meeting here for 9 months now as become so tight knit and bonded together! I truly have such a love for them. It's amazing how people start to feel like family {closer than family in some cases!}, then to read how God will bless us with a spiritual famliy as we seek His kingdom and righteousness. That's just awesome! We are blessed and not alone. So as you know from past posts, Theo is working at the Harbour Church still and has also been pursuing other opportunities that have not led to a single thing. The fire academy: out. City of Ft.Lauderdale lifeguard: out {he's hired but can't get anyone to call him about starting work!}. So besides working the facilities dept at the Harbour, he does work landscaping jobs when it's available to make up for our lack of income. We thought we were on our way out of the support raising thing, especially b/c 2 of our supporters were cutting their support this month {if you only knew what our income was, haha!} but I guess the lord has other plans. Another couple just came to us and said that the Lord told them to support us. SO....we're so grateful....and waiting to see whats next and apparently still fully raising support! I told Theo I like to be an 'open book' on pretty much every front, so I'll spill the beans about what I think is next. :) MEXICO! Yes, Mexico. In the summer of 2008 we travelled to Ensenada, Mexico with some friends who were connected with a ministry there called YUGO {Youth Unlimited Gospel Outreach}. You can learn about it at While there, God did alot in changing our mentality about missions as we knew it, and we were impacted powerfully by being there. And after that trip we knew we would always have a willingness to be part of that ministry if God ever made an opportunity for us there. And so it SEEMS that there may be an opportunity! :) Nothing at all is set in stone, but we are in contact with the director and planning on another more detailed meeting right after Easter. The friends I mentioned who we went down to YUGO a few years ago are now living there full time, so we'd be super excited to be with them again and just so let the Lord do His thing through us there in Ensenada. :) The other interesting thing about this is that we would have to begin our support raising efforts again! Oh that's just so bittersweet. Bitter, well b/c it's just bitter raising your support sometimes and sweet b/c the Lord is our ultimately our provider and it teaches us to truly trust and rely on Him. :) There are a bunch of details that we don't know yet, which will hopefully get cleared up in our next meeting with the director. Please pray for us as we seek God's will and plan for our family. He has proven to be a very kind and gentle leader.....and incredibly patient. :) Thank you Jesus for your goodness. Theo recently had a powerful encounter with the Lord. If you didn't know, Theo is almost ALWAYS full of joy and laughter. But lately he was just feeling that 'dry and weariness' that we all experience at times. During his Harbour staff meeting, God came like a flood to the group after Theo shared his feelings and there was a mini revival! Praise God, who knows the details of our lives and is faithful to bring peace and joy and love even in a season of drought. :)