Sunday, February 6, 2011

Superbowl Sunday!

So you think I'm about to write about the Superbowl??? Wrong. Ha! I'm not a huge football kinda girl....unless I'm actually at the game! Then it's a blast!
I'm writing b/c I met my loving and wonderful husband 8 years ago today, at a Superbowl party! Oh yeah!
As Theo and I talked about it, I was thinking back on the day we met....I was completely unsuspecting that I would be meeting my future husband that day. And who knew that 8 quick years later, I would be married to that funny and charming man and have 3 amazing daughters with him?? Who knew that marrying him would give me a back bone and draw me SO much closer to my first love, Jesus? What a miracle it is! Really, I can look at Jeremiah 29:11 and say, wow God, that is truth! You're plans for me are for good...for my well being! Not for harm or bad things. The last 8 years of my life have been absolutly incredible. I'm blessed beyond words can describe. I'm thankful for the thousands upon thousands of blessings you've given me and my family. Who am I that you would chose me to carry these blessings?? I'm but a speck on this earth, but I love you. I love that you love me and chose me first.
As much as I want to hold on SO incredibly tight to these people I call my husband and kids, I give them to you. I trust you. Even as today we 'dedicated' the girls to you at church, I sit here and dedicate every part of this life to you. My whole being and every part of my life. I find it to be safe and wise to let you be God... in control. And to remember that you are so amazingly good and kind. Your ways are beyond our ways. You are faithful and true. Lord, your perfect love casts out all fear. What truth that is! What freedom you give!
So Lord, again....we are yours. I thank you for my life....specifically these last 8 years and I give you the rest of our lives to have your way.
I love you Jesus.