Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I totally WAS in labor!

So last night around 9:30p I started noticing I was having some good contractions coming along. Good as in hard and kinda taking my breath away. So as I watched the clock, I realized they were coming about every 8-10 minutes. Then after a few more hours they got down to 5 and even 2 minutes apart and my back was starting to hurt. Doesn't that sound like a girl in labor?! So we put everything in the car and I called the dr. He said yes, I should go to the hospital, since it's numero 3! So literally as we were walking out the door, Stella walks out of her room. The girl was wide awake and wanting to know what the party was all about. I knew we couldn't actually explain it b/c she'd throw a fit and want to come with us. So we defaulted to the 'because I said so' answer as to why she needed to go back to bed. Haha! So of course, she wants us to stay with her for a little while before she falls back asleep. So Theo goes in there and she stayed totally awake! SO I just sat on the couch waiting, and I fell asleep. It was like 1:30a at this point. I guess around 2:30a I woke up from another hard contraction, but noticed that they had generally slowed down significantly since I sat on the couch. So we just went back to bed and didn't meet Olivia last night. What a crazy thing...we were totally convinced that Olivia was going to make her grand entrance last night, but I guess not!
The cool thing is that I've really been praying that I wouldn't have to go to the hospital and be given terbutaline or vistaril (sp?) how I was with both other girls... That I would just have the baby on the right day without the shananigans before hand. So really although we thought last night was it, apparently the Lord used Stella to make us stay b/c it just wasn't time. He's got my back. :) And....we're back to the waiting game!


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