Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My very own fireman...

SO, I realized that due to my lack of blogging I never wrote about my studly husband starting the fire academy. He's almost 3 months into it now, but he was accepted to the Coral Springs Fire Academy in August! Apparently, CSFA is one of the best fire schools in the state, which is exciting. It's also super strict and has higher standards than the others. Theo says it was a bit militant in the beginning, but now that a bunch of guys either failed out already or were dismissed from the program for whatever reason, the instructors are getting a little nicer. (not really though, ha!)

Anyways, on the first day of school Theo was chosen to be a squad leader which we were excited about. And for the last month now, he was has been moved to the Class Leader role....yessss. I kinda get proud. :) So the chain of command now, is the chief, the instructors, our very own "Steinhauer", squad leaders then the students. SO my man has been put in quite a nice and kinda important position. Thank you Lord for this promotion. It's been a new kind of deal for Theo as he is having to boss around a bunch of guys including men older than him and if you know my husband, he's just a sweet and tenderhearted kinda guy. So the chief (who is forever yelling at these guys) actually yelled at Theo for not yelling at the rest of the class, haha! What a guy. We're blessed that the entire class really does like and respect Theo and his leadership style at this point and Theo, contrary to the chief, isn't constantly "ripping them a new one" as the guys call it. Sorry for the gross terminology.

Somehow we've also gotten a few good hook ups from this of the students who is no longer with in he failed out, not dead...manages a car wash place so we get to have a decent vehicle! God knows my girls can make quite a mess in point 3 seconds. And another guy, who is still in the game with Theo, owns a pizza place! His family has this yummy pizza joint like 5 minutes from our house and yes oh yes, we do love pizza around here. Today for lunch will be our second pizza hook up from that wonderful and glorious family. :)

Theo also passed his national EMT certification (Thank God), so hopefully when he graduates the academy in February he will get hired onto a department (hopefully, Pompano Beach) ASAP! The Lord seems to be making a way for that situation, so we'll see! The other day at Costco, I was resting on a huge case of canned corn while I waited for a friend to make it to my aisle, and after about 4 random people telling me that I looked like I was about to 'pop' (thanks people), this nice older guy comes by and just asks me when I'm due. He actually has a decent conversation with me about the fact that I'm about to 'pop'...asking me how I'm feeling, ect (without creepiness, thank you)...anyways, I noticed he was wearing a Pompano Beach Fire Dept I was able to change the subject from my giant self, to him being someone who could hook us up. :) Of course, I got to informing him about Theo being in fire school and how we wants to work for Pompano Beach, etc. Well as it turns out, this guy has been with the dept for 22 years, is a driver engineer (which Theo is very interested in for the future), and even openly told me about the church he goes to...which I love and happened to go to for like 12 years or something. I got a little excited for the clearly God meeting in the Costco aisle, then got a litte more excited when the guy wrote down Theo's name "Steinhauer" and said he would be putting in a good word for him! I mean, he didn't even meet him! And he just talked to me, his about to pop wife in the most random of places, sitting on corn at that... From past experiences, this is how God does things for our family. Very randomly. :) Lord, let your will be done, not ours!


  1. love all of the hook-ups! praise God!!

  2. wow!! love hearing about you all, and that is how the Lord does it for the Steinhauer family. Random, and yet so God. Keep the updates flowing!!!! :)