Tuesday, October 19, 2010

38 weeks...

I AM SO TIRED. Maybe walking all over 2 thrift stores today with the girlies in tow was a bit much for me at this point. But I must say that between yesterday and today, I made out like a bandit with my thrift store finds. I got this gorgeous bedspread and shams, an Old Navy dress and a silky breastfeeding friendly top all for $5 dollars! Hello?! Why would a person ever want to shop at a dept store again?! And when my friend Carla, who was with me noticed the bedspread set that I found she informed me that her sister has the exact set on her bed and knows she paid a ton for it! Ahh....sweet satisfaction.
Last night I was fully convinced that I was going into labor. I was having a ton of hard contractions that were hurting around to my back. I couldn't sleep at all until about 4am when they suddenly just slowed down. :( So although I didn't get to meet my Olivia last night, surely she'll be here soon.

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  1. your body is getting ready though...which is awesome. that hopefully means you won't have a super hard and long labor!