Sunday, November 6, 2011

God is awesome...

So a few days after my recent post about my tough past with a family member, that family member called me. They read my blog and decided to call to apologize for all these years of pain. I was beyond shocked especially since I don't ever talk to him. And the previous day I was told that an actual conversation about this would never happen. I would be hung up on if I ever tried to bring it up. And here he was calling me! I obviously knew that the Lord was doing something and I just started praying and asking God to give me the words to say. My heart was pounding! He gets on the phone and I could hear emotion on the line. A slight quiver in his voice as he apologized and reassured me that he has never done that again and will never do it to anyone again. I couldn't believe it. I've thought it over so many times and thought that if I ever did have that conversation it might be on his death bed or something....never under these seemingly normal conditions.

Wow, what was God doing? I burst into tears when I hung up a bit overwhelmed at what just happened. Do these kind of situations ever end with such an apology and peace? Wow. I thanked God for allowing that phone call to happen. I couldn't believe how much tension and pain left my heart just hearing this person vocalize to me that he was sorry. And to see what it did to my husband...bringing him relief and was incredible! God is so good!

This past week in our Bible study review the very first letter is "Every turn-around starts with a step."
I guess Beth Moore is right. The simple step of posting what was on my heart {coupled with years of praying, actually} and suddenly something happened! Something great happened. An act from a tender and repentant heart. Thank you Lord. I'm continuing to pray and see what awesome thing might happen next!

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  1. i'm just so proud of you for blogging honestly and openly. it is good to read these things. it is good for you to process this through writing. it's a part of you. God is working on your heart and it's so good to see.