Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The buzz

Thanksgiving is this week and I've got that Holiday buzz coming on strong this year! It's a funny thing too b/c there are several things that I'd think would keep the buzz from hitting. First of all, we're not in America where the holiday traditions fly. We're not in a place where you see the seasons come and go. No orange and red leaves...no snow. And we're not with either of our families where usually we feed off of eachother about holiday decor, food and family/personal traditions. And yet, here I am, in Mexico feeling the excitement of celebrating all that we are Thankful for, and the excitement of celebrating the day of our savior's birth! Ah! Yes, I'm really excited about putting up a Christmas tree and letting the girls decorate it. I haven't figured out yet if the fact that christmas trees are a pagan thing, along with a ton of other holiday celebrations, makes it reason enough for us to not just celebrate what we intend that holiday to be and let my family enjoy the festivities. So for now, we will! Thank Him for freedom in Christ, right?! Whew, thank you Lord for freedom from pointless shackels!

Anyways, hopefully I'll find a few fun ideas of crafts and decor to do this year with the kids...I'm sure I'll find some good stuff from mi amiga Jami Nato....and several other crafty ladies. Thanks girls for your creativity and willingness to share with peeps like me, who only gets creative once in a blue moon. You might well be saving us from the dull life. :)


  1. hey, God sees your heart and knows what you're really celebrating. he knows you're not a pagan. LOL

  2. Hey Melissa,
    Thanks for you sweet comment about the stoves in Haiti.
    Looks like you have some amazing adventures of your own.
    Blessings to you and your family. Looking forward to following your story.
    Merry Christmas,