Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Crazy Week at work...

Ok I just thought that since I actually have a moment to do this, I would talk about this insane week of work we've got going on here. One of our girls, Carmen, is turning 15. Actually, she turned 15 in June but were celebrating now. Hey it may be 5 months later, but it's better than nothing! Ha! Especially since we're in Mexico. And in Mexico turning 15 is a big deal...like in America we do 'sweet 16s', well here we do 'quinceneras.' Go ahead take as much time as you need to try to pronounce that word.

Anyways, it's a huge deal. Exactly like a wedding Some families spend every penny they have {practically} for these parties. There's a giant fancy cake, decor, a band, a dress and on and on. Yes, imagine all that goes on to prepare for a wedding {even a small and simple wedding} and that's what we're doing in 1 week's time. And making due with whatever is available. It's crunch time and it's crazy! SO our girl Carmen is pretty psyched for her party on Saturday. We have to decorate this room behind the church the girls go to and it's a completely unfinished room....with no power, cement floors and exposed wall studs!. No power means no lights. We're just a touch psaztic trying to decorate this place and make it functionable never the less pretty. So not only are we doing that every single day, we've got our own kids to do something with. As much as I'd love my 4 year old to watch my 2 and 1 year olds, that ain't gonna happen, so Theo and I are switching baby duties. Plus fitting in some sort of educational thing for Stella that we can call school,  ballet, and tutoring the girls from Casa de Esther. {We'll call is just Casa from now on.} Also- trying to maintain some sort of normal and not frazzled-to-death home life and time with friends to keep us sane. Thank God for friends who are like family...aka Nic and Michelle Brouwer. Whew, God is good and brought us some amazing friends that we can call forever friends. Anyways, I didn't mention that we just got back from Thanksgiving break and still have our unpacked bags sitting in our room along with the mini mountain of laundry that never got put away before we left for Thanksgiving. So you ask why in the world am I sitting here writing about all of this rather than doing laundry? Well, because this is my version of 'venting' and getting whatever is in my head out in a decent way and not causing harm to my husband or children. :)  Now......off to do laundry and finish newsletters!

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