Sunday, January 9, 2011


I can't believe how quickly 2010 passed. Theo and I call it the year of the fog. But we're excited to begin a new year...a new season...fresh fire in our hearts. We're trying to find the balance between seeking the will of God for every moment of our lives and pursuing our hearts desires, which we know He put there in the first place. I'm wanting to ooze God and to our neighbors. I'm praying for ideas on how to love on the neighbors that God has brought into our lives...some of which are kinda intense, but seem ripe for a nice overhaul from the Lord. We'll see what happens.
So, Theo isn't in the fire academy anymore...that door shut abruptly...and we're ok with it. Not thrilled about it, but it's ok. We'll see if God has any other plans with us regarding that in the future. But for now we're waiting to hear back from Ted {Theo's dad} about a project manager position in Port-de-Paix, in the north of the country. He'd be teaching the people basic hygiene and bringing in medical supplies and medical missions teams from around the world. {Who woulda thought?} It would be a 5 month project, and get a little salary...some other fun benefits too supposedly. Interestingly, I was actually really excited about the possibility of us going, which is pretty much a miracle since our time there in January traumatized me for the whole year. I didn't even want to think about visiting let alone moving there again. But with a new perspective and a different set up, I think it would be an awesome experience. Haiti is going through their second round of presidential elections right now so we're still waiting to see if the grant goes through to MTI so we can go or not. The first round of elections were crazy...causing riots, road blocks and burning tires in the streets. Hopefully this time it's more civil. {probably not, though} So since we've been waiting for about a month now, Theo went ahead and did his lifeguard training and got hired with the city of Ft. Lauderdale as a lifeguard! We're excited and hoping he gets stationed at a fun pool with a little water park. I'd take the girls every day! Hello South Florida! :) The guy who trained him is this super nice guy who apparently loves Theo and loves Jesus {good combo for us!}...and told Theo that if he has to leave and do his thing in Haiti, not to worry that he would have work for him whenever he gets back! Saweeet! Talk about job security! Theo's hopes to do Ocean Rescue and the new boss is apparently the guy to talk to for that as well. He was the chief for Pompano Beach Ocean Rescue until he retired. Then he came back to work and moved on to take over Ft. Lauderdale lifeguard training and hiring. So like the title says...we're see if we're going to Haiti or not. And if not, I've got a hot lifeguard hubby who loves Jesus. Oh- and he's still working at the Harbour church part time....doing his 'churchy opportunities.' :) {Nacho Libre, anyone?}

My girls are growing at lightening speed and it's freaking me out. Stella {who acts like she's 15} will be 4 this year. How does that even happen? I'm talking 1 or 2 blinks here and she's not a baby anymore. Same with my nounouse {ittle bear}. Well, not so little anymore. She weighs more than Stella and they share clothes and shoes now! hmmm?!!! Crazy. And Olivia is already 2 1/2 months old. Didn't I just give birth to her, like yesterday??? No actually, didn't I just find out I was pregnant with her??! All this is happening way to fast for me. I can't keep up. My little ladybugs are going to be little women before I know it. God, help me to remember all of the sweet moments and milestones for these precious ones. {Hence, the blogs for them and abundance of pictures I take of them. Definitly trying not to forget.}

As for me...well I'm in pursuit of knowing God more intimately this year. Already, I'm desperately longing to see Him...literally...I want to see His face. I know I can't, but somehow I'm feeling desperate to just get a glimpse. I've been pretty consumed with having babies and learning to be a mom so I'm trying to give a bit more attention to my need of reading the Bible and spending alone time with Jesus. {Yes, still almost impossible at this point, but given any opportunity I will take it.} I'm also trying to remember my passions and desires before motherhood came around for me. Singing, making jewelry and other creative things...I plan {hope} to make time for those things this year.

For now, chao!

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