Wednesday, January 12, 2011

January 12, 2010

We are remembering today thousands...300,000... people that lost their lives exactly one year ago today in Haiti's earthquake.

I remember exactly where I was and what we were doing.

We moved to Melbourne, Florida b/c we knew that God's plan was not for us to go to Egypt. Egypt was the next step for us in the missions school we were in while in KC but as we prayed, there just wasn't peace in our hearts about going. Not fear or dread...just a lack of peace. After a while of waiting , praying...and more waiting to know what God's plan was for us suddenly in 30 seconds, we knew. Not the whole picture, but we knew it was time to go to Haiti.

On Tuesday, January 12, 2010 a 7.0 earthquake shook a nation. A nation where our family was. My mother in law and father in law as well as my sister in law and her family were all there. They were spared their lives without even a scratch. By the grace of God, my mother in law and father in law were driving in a car away from Port-au-Prince, and the Lord's hand kept my sister in law's house from caving in on her and the kids.

We were in sheer shock as we watched the news of this devastation and not being able to contact anyone in our family made this one of the most scary and difficult things to experience. Were they dead? Injured? Were they together at least or was anyone of them alone somewhere? How bad could it really be?

That Friday, Theo left to do crisis relief with CRI (Crisis Relief International) as an emergency responder, but truly it was an easy ticket into the country immediately to find his family. Incredibly, the christian school that Theo grew up going to became a place of refuge. Not a single crack in the walls, or stone removed right in the middle of PAP. And my father in law, Ted, became the head of what immediatley became 'Quisqueya Crisis Relief". Theo was now connected to CRI, IHOP, the Harbour Church and QCS (Quisqueya), so had several legit ways into the country.
The next several weeks are a some point in there we found out I was pregnant with our #3 sweet baby girl Olivia. We also decided to move to Haiti since we believed that Haiti would be needing long term crisis care and we believed that we were supposed to be part of that. {In some what of a rush, we didn't pray thoroughly about this full on move there rather than doing trips back and forth.} So we moved down with our bffs LEO...let's just say thank God they were there with me, b/c it was horrible timing {first trimester pregnancy} to be in the thick of the destruction. {3rd world country going on 5th world since the earthquake!} I was grateful to have my friend there with me.
Anyways, about 7 weeks later we moved back to Florida. Quisquesya was transitioning back to school and our work was ending and we didn't exactly have a plan B. {Not that I was upset in the least to move back to FL!} It was such a difficult time for us, but the Lord promises to work all things out for the good of those who love Him....and He did! Theo met some amazing people and discovered his passion of working in the emergency rescue field!

Since then, Theo went to New Hampshire and became a nationally certified EMT as well as a Wilderness EMT...and is also now certified as a lifeguard planning to do Ocean Rescue when the door opens for him. Amazing...

So back to today...
I am just remembering how intense of an experience this was for us last year. And we were all safe and unharmed! I can't {and don't want to} imagine how the general Haitian population is feeling...Maybe that's what is so incredibly humbling and sobering. Alot of people died...but we were spared. Thank you Jesus. You are merciful and kind. Even when you allow things that we don't are good. Bring peace and comfort to those who lost their loved ones. Draw them near to you. Reveal your love to them. I stand today thankful and alive and I Love you.

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