Sunday, January 9, 2011

I just have to write this...

So I was just reading back on some older posts and I saw the one about my studdly husband being in the fire academy. Well my very last comment of that post was 'Lord, your will be done, not ours.' {Or something of the sorts} Well...He did have his way, and it wasn't at all the way we thought we were heading in. Funny how that happens. Anyways, I guess I should actually explain the situation rather than just stating he's not in the academy anymore....for those who want to hear it.
Well, Theo was doing a-maz-ing in the academy....I'm talking squad leader, class leader, btwn 90-100% on all tests...the works. You'd think {we thought} he was on his way to being top firefighter of the year at the rate he was going! HA! {j/k!..........kinda} Anyways, part of the class is to do these 'PO's' or 'performance objectives' where they have to do the practial, hands on stuff with the "aparatus" or tools or whatever. Well, he had to redo this specific PO dealing with knots and tools and when we redid the knot, he did it perfectly but at the wrong end of the tool. And he failed. And that was all it took to put him out of the program.

Please tell me that someone else out there thinks this is ridiculous. Because I do.

Especially since the point of tying the specific knot was to hoist the tool up the side of a building and it was done correctly. Where the knot is, doesn't affect getting the tool up the building. {I checked}. So there it is. B/c of something so ridiculous, he was out! When he called to let me know he was on his way home, it didn't even register to me that he was actually OUT of the academy...fully. He would have to start over from scratch, including tuition and all. When it did finally hit us, we just sat and cried. Yep, it was a sad day. If you could've witnessed the work and dedication it took for him to get to the top of his class how he did....the studying...sacrificing so much family time...hanging out with friends, etc...then to just be cut from the program like was one of the most heart breaking things I've experienced. {And yes, I do go into 'defend my husband, get a little mad, go down with a fight mode over this situation. And yes, I even called the chief to 'talk to him' about the matter. Hahaha! Yes this made me a crazy lady for a brief time.}
I still have a hard time when I think about it, but we still fully believe that God led us and provided all we need for that time in the academy. To have it end so abruptly was/is just a shock to our system. But we choose to believe that God is sovereign over our lives {every single part of it} and that He allowed it to go down like that for a reason. We obviously don't know why yet, but one day we will and we'll be thankful.

Jeremiah 29:11
"For I know the plans I have for you," says the LORD. "They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope."

What a promise. These are the things that give us peace when life gets crazy. And it seems crazy often times in our world. Thank you God for your goodness to us.


  1. glad to see you are blogging again...i feel like i get so much info when you post!

    it has always worked out...i'm confident your life is being held together by a great God. love you guys.

  2. our prayers for direction and comfort are with you and your family...but when hind-sight does come to this situation, i know it will be like you said, you 'will be thankful' when He shows you the whole picture. hugs.

  3. Wow! That's a totally intense season and I am bummed that I haven't kept up better. Love to you all and know that we are praying for the Lord to speak clearly to you guys in the coming days! Blessings!