Sunday, November 28, 2010


What a time to be reminded of how blessed we are. This year we had Theo's parents with us from Haiti. That place is a wreck. They started off the year with an earthquake. Then they had a few bad storms during the summer. Now a cholera outbreak, and another storm. And 2010 isn't even over. I know I've said all of that before, but going over it again reminds me of how easy I have it at this point of my life. I'm so incredibly grateful to not have to live through anything remotely as difficult as what most haitians have to live through, but it is amazing to see how hardhship (especially for believers) draws you so near to God. I guess thats why in Hebrews it talks about how we will go through hardship if we are truly sons (and daughters) of God. His discipline is good and b/c he loves us. (we discipline our kids b/c we love them! Not b/c we just feel like being mean and harsh to them.) It's crazy how everything in the human heart wants to avoid difficulty and harship at all costs. Our nature and our society tells us to pursue a comfotable and easy life and that will give us peace and joy. I find it to be one of the hardest things to face about myself. I totally DO want to be comfotable in life....financially mainly. I've bought into the lie that if I have financial security then I'll pretty much have no worries at all in life...that money can buy pretty much anything. Ugh. It's hard to unconvince myself of that and believe the truth which is that my security and peace and joy and anything else that is good can truly only be found in Jesus.
Ok, so back to my point...this Thanksgiving, I'm thankful for a savior who loves me, forgave me, provides for all my needs, a healthy and loving family, an amazing husband and 3 beautiful and amazing daughters. I am so blessed. Of course my list of things that I'm thanksful for could go on and on...but my littlest blessing keeps me up at night and I'm tired. Thank you Jesus for a wonderful Thanksgiving.

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