Saturday, April 24, 2010


So I realized it's been a while since my last post...maybe a week or so....feels like alot has happened. Here we go....first of all, somehow my ob/gyn in Haiti is able to tell women the sex of their baby super early....not sure exactly how since everywhere I read I see that you can't tell until about 16-20 weeks. I was told last week, (at 11 1/2 wks) that we're having a BOY! I mean, thats some really exciting news for us...if it's accurate! We were told at 15 weeks that Stella was a boy...with the little ultrasound picture with 'BOY' on it and everything. SO we're excited but trying to not be too excited in case 11 1/2 weeks is too soon. My sister in laws were both told by this same ob/gyn in Haiti what gender their babies were, one at 9 weeks and one at 11 weeks and it was accurate for both. So, here I am thinking we're going to have a son, but hesitant to really believe it. I'll post again when we know for sure!

Also, we've been in Florida for almost a week now. It's beautiful here. I feel so blessed to have a nice little apt to come back to. It's ironic the timing of this trip back to FL. I'm 12 weeks pregnant....just finishing the bad part (first trimester) of this pregnancy. I spent the most difficult part right in Haiti. Imagine that. But the Lord knows. And now I'm enjoying south Florida all the more. It's also been great to be with friends and our community of believers again. I realized that I start to wither on the inside if I'm removed for too long from a solid body of believers who I'm connected to. We left IHOP in the beginning of almost 6 months later I'm able to get reconnected and in a consistent place of teaching and being fed. It's so refreshing. I cried last night at our Friday night service, not so much b/c of what was being sang (during worship), but b/c I was so moved to be part of a body that was all singing in unison and worship to Jesus. I love that. I like to think about how if it moves little ole me as much as it does then what does it do to the heart of God?! Ah....awesome.

That's about it...having a boy, back in Florida (for now), and still loving Jesus. :)


  1. congratulations!!! i really hope it is a little boy so you can enjoy how they pee on everything..haha.

  2. love it and love you guys! boys are awesome, but i'm kind of like you, can you REALLY tell at 11 1/2 weeks??? wow. and i am totally with you on the community part. it's part of why jesus said, love me and love each other. it all works better when we live life together. love you friend!