Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Our Family

So this is my go at blogging and I'm hoping I have the inner strength to keep it going. :) I love writing so this should work out nicely. I am a 'finally appreciating that I am Puerto Rican' mom of 2 that was raised in South Florida. I am married almost 5 years at this point, to Theo and we have 2 beautiful daughters named Stella, and Naya. It's amazing how time flies. Sometimes I just think back and wonder how so many big things like getting married and having kids happened so quickly. It's true, life is but a vapor. I'm also 11 weeks pregnant with babe #3. This one has been a hard one. But I guess I have several other factors influencing the difficulty of this first trimester. We just moved to Haiti! Yes, 3rd world country Haiti. And we came after the Jan 12th earthquake at that. Needless to say we're still adjusting. We are a Jesus loving, Jesus trusting, Jesus following family. We try hard to literally do those things....not just to say 'we love Jesus' and go about doing what we want. That being said, this is why we moved to Haiti. Oh, and my husband is Haitian! So, this is our family. I hope to share our life and love with you here!

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