Friday, April 16, 2010

An exciting day...

Yes I'm talking about today. First of all, I have an appointment and my ob might tell me if I'm having a boy or girl! Ah! So fun! Although I'm only 11 weeks along, they somehow are able to tell you earlier here. A benefit of being in Haiti right now...I guess. So you know I have these 2 sweet girls and you would think I'm dying for a boy.....but I'm not. I mean, of course it would be so fun to have a son especially since I just don't know how many more babies this bod can handle. I'm just in the groove of girls at this point. I kinda feel like I wouldn't know what to do with a little....ya know. A few months back I witnessed my nephew's circumsision and yes, I was totally, 100% traumatized. So anyways, we'll know soon enough!

Reason #2 for an exciting day....we're flying to Florida tonight! For free! On a nice jet! SO FUN! I'm just really ready for a break from Haiti....already. I may seem like a wimp, but first trimester preggo in Haiti for a Florida girl is just....hard. I mean we've been here for a little over a month and it feels like a year. Ok maybe not that bad...but imagine being a stay at home mom who is very much a homebody with the things that you and the kiddies are used to, the comforts of your 'home', your kitchen gadgets, familiar foods and snacks, parks, pools, church, your friends, and when you're pregnant and feel like puking every 5 minutes, you can puke in an odor free, somewhat comfortable place and then lay down on your own bed or couch and put on a movie so your 2 year old is entertained for a little bit ....then you move to a 3rd world country where you don't have any of the things you're used to and your house is not a home. You can't even leave your house which is also walled and gated in. And if you could leave....where would you go? And with what vehicle? Oh and when you do go in a car, your 2 kids have to sit on your lap b/c there's not enough space for carseats...and nevermind the potholes. Your kids would bounce around like ping pong balls in there if your arms weren't the seatbelts. The car situation feels really good on the nausia and growing belly too by the way. You have a couple of toys for your kids which get old for a 2 and 1 year old in about 5 minutes and the kids that come around, you wonder if your child will get sick from playing with them and you of course can't even communicate with anyone.... Nothing is the same here. The smells are a little intense. You wake up to roosters crowing 5 feet from your window at 4:30am. (It actually sounds kinda nice when they're a bit further away and not at 4:30 :) If it's not roosters, cows and neighbors, it's mack trucks honking their horns seemingly in your driveway...yes all at 4:30am. So...I'm just sayin...when you're pregnant (again, first trimester)...really sick and really tired and running after your other 2 babies you just want a little comfort, right? (Yes, this may be the priss coming out in me...) Our pretty little house is bare and fairly empty as of now. No such thing as entertainment in the tv, music playing device, internet...just a few things I'm acustomed to. Oh, we do have a little portable dvd players which we use for a movie every other day or so. I say this with a realization that we truly believe that God wants us here for a while (which I don't know what a 'while' is) but it doesn't make the challenges less challenging, does it? Maybe it does...b/c at least I know we're supposed to be here and not just 'serving Haiti' in our own strength. B/c I guess we wouldn't be here if it were for that. Unfortunatly, that does make me feel a bit spoiled...but what do you expect when you're raised in the comforts and ease of life in the US? I'm confident that in due time (meaning the glory of the second trimester)...and once we can make our house homey and more familiar for our family, and once some of the spoiledness leaves me and I'm able to remember for longer than 10 minutes at a time how blessed we are, all will be well again. But currently I'm ready to be back in my little familiar place called Florida. :) Sorry for the long list of complaints. I couldn't hold it in. Hopefully that's the only time you'll have to endure my whining on a post.


  1. Love this new blog :) I'm looking for a seeing you!

  2. 1. had no idea you had a blog, LOVE it!!!
    2. love you, even in your first trimester venting.
    3. enjoy Fl thiis week!
    4. LOVE that little boy! you will be amazing with him.

    love you guys-

  3. leavin' on a jet plane?! tell me about this magical hookup.

    i am excited that you get to go back to florida!! you need to gain some weight on american food. haha.

  4. Relish in your time in Fla...So glad you are Puerto Rican and married to a Haitian..That is preparation in itself for where you are living. The learning and growing never stops..Hope your growing has not been as painful as mine has! I understand all your complaints except the pregnancy part, but glad you are having a boy...

    Keep blogging too!