Saturday, September 21, 2013

We moved!

Finally, we made it to Haiti! It was a long journey leaving Mexico and making our way across the country, having a baby and finally landing in Port Au Prince. It was so incredibly wonderful to connect again with so many friends along the way....people who have become family to us. To get to hug and catch up with so many really lit up our hearts!

Our travels took us from Ensenada, up the coast to central California, across to Colorado, then to Kansas City, then the bulk of our stay in Illinois, which is where our sweet Galia Elizabeth was born....then a night in Kentucky, a bit in North Carolina with our closest friends, a night in South Carolina, a week in Orlando with family, and a week in Ft. Lauderdale finalizing everything for the move. It took 6 months from when we first began packing in MX to finally landing in Haiti. God has given us so much grace to go with the flow as best as possible during the transition and is continuing to give the grace as needed.

The girls are so happy to be with their cousins that they haven't seen in about 3 years. Stella only just turned 6 so they were all very young the last time they were together. Naya was barely 2 and Olivia was just a baby. Its incredible how much the Skype calls over time have helped create a friendship and a craving to be together.

We've only been here 1 week and Theo jumped right into work when we got here. He's been learning the ropes of the construction business his dad began and will be partnering with him to run it all. We got to visit a couple of the sites and are excited with his new role here.

We found a house to rent hopefully beginning in October. We'll be setting up home and shop there asap to welcome teams by November. My {Melissa} mother in law and I will be running the team house while Theo will be in construction management with his dad. We also hope to set up house church as soon as we have a place to sit. :)

The girls and I have been hanging out at my in-laws house by the beach which is absolutely beautiful. We've been in the ocean every day in what feels like an exotic vacation! Of course the moment we drive outside the gate, I'm reminded we're definitely living in a 3rd world country. Seeing lots of poverty and difficulty is causing a bit of culture shock, which is to be expected. 

The slower pace of life at the moment is allowing for a lot more time in prayer....asking for guidance in our new life here...asking for friendships...asking for protection for my girls' hearts...and for His hand to cover us with all the unknowns. We're also praying our few belongings and van make it to Haiti in 1 piece and sooner rather than later. Prayer for work to pick up enough to provide consistent income for us and to set up a new home. Sufficient funds to support us while we get set up and in the groove of life here. Prayer as we venture into homeschooling as soon as the box of curriculum much to lean on God for.

And this morning I was reminded through Ann Voscamp's "Selections from 'One Thousand Gifts' Finding Joy in What Really Matters," to keep my attitude fixed on grace, thanksgiving and joy. I'm so grateful for the reminders the Lord gives to remain in Him. It's what truly gives peace and calm amidst seeming chaos and craziness.

We covet the prayers of those who love us. And know that we have you so close to our hearts and pray for you as well. We'll continue to update as life changes come along!

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