Monday, December 12, 2011


30 snuck up on me. I mean, I knew it was close, but suddenly it's here. I'm wondering how 30 years went by so fast...?! I remember being 17 like it was yesterday, don't you?? I guess the saying "Days go slow, but years go fast" is true! So I wanted to just note a couple of things that I've learned up until this point...

1. My mom was right when she said that I'll never know how much she loves me, until I have my own children. I know now. I love you too mom.

2. Nothing is forever, except Jesus.

3. God is so faithful and kind. He will provide all that I need. He enjoys taking care of me and my family. I've learned to trust Him and I can say that I actually love Him. Also, I know that there is still so much to learn about Him. And I can't wait.

4. In my 6 1/2 years of marriage, I've realized that it's totally fine to admit that Theo and I are different....we process things differently and have different opinions. It's brought much peace to us, to not fight to be the same or on the 'same page' in every possible way.

5. My husband is truly an incredible man. Firstly, this guys truly loves God with all his heart mind, soul and strength. {from my perspective!} And if the wife can say that, there's something real there. My advice to all my single girl friends...don't be so uptight about your 'list' of things you want in your future husband. I tell you...just make sure the guy actually LOVES Jesus and seeks His Kingdom beyond all attracted to committed.....and the rest will work itself out.

6. It's a humbling thing for me, when I think that God has rewarded me with 3 beautiful daughters. I believe what the Bible says about children being a reward and inheritance....not a burden or hinderance in life. That means the Lord saw it fit to give me these little treasures. What an honor.

7. One of the best things you can do for yourself, is to learn to be flexible to the guidance of the Holy Spirit in your life. Be willing to go where He leads, and when. Learning to trust Him, even without having all details up front. It creates more faith in your heart for the next adventure!

8. I love that as a believer in Jesus, I can daily remind myself that He will work out ALL things out for my good. Everything.....! Thats an incredible thing. Makes me wonder why more unbelievers don't take a look at that and BELIEVE!? That's a pretty sweet deal!

9. Disciplining my kids, especially at these young ages, is often just as hard for me as the parent, as for them. It takes alot of emotional endurance, perserverance, patience and LOVE. I also believe what the Bible says about disciplining your children if you love them. And I love my children. It's hard but so worth it.

10. I've realized that by checking my perspective on things, I can maintain a happy heart and positive attitude on an almost full time basis. Having a Thankful heart and truly remembering all the ways that I'm blessed makes for a hostile environment for complaining and depression.

11. Confession and repentance are good things. They hurt, but are vital to having a healthy soul. Like exercising hurts our body, but is vital to our physical health. Just do it. :)

12. It's still in the early stages, but I'm learning to not be so uptight about certain things. Having an immaculate house at all times... letting that go. Especially with the current household dynamics...3 kids, 4 and under and no outside help for anything. It's not worth the stress of trying to mainain something thats not really worth it. I personally feel a bit akward if I walk into a house that looks like no one actually lives there and if I touch anything the whole place will come crumbling down. It's nice to walk into a place that looks comfortable and lived in {especially with kids} yet organized and decent. I'm not at all suggesting that a dirty house is cool. Dirty and messy are 2 different things. I like clean, but I can now handle toys being out. Kids, go ahead and actually play with your toys! :)

13. It's finally settling in to take my friend Debbie Phillips' advice. 'While your kids are little, be willing to set aside your planner.' It's a very helpful tip to me these days. I'm learning to plan {because I can't help it, and b/c it sometimes saves my life} LOOSELY. It's no longer the end of the world in my mind if I don't get to the laundry on Tuesday. It is now OK to tell so and so that I can't make it to whatever meeting because my kids need me with them. Thank you Debbie. I love you and appreciate ALL the things you've taught me.

14. Not being attached to your "stuff" is awesome. It's a beautiful thing to be able to decorate your home with pretty furniture {I personally love awesome thrift store finds, or refinishing old stuff to make it great}, and hooking up your little domain however you like, but then being able to give it all away when need be, without it tearing your heart out as well. Extravegant giving is a learned and practiced thing. Being able to hand over the keys to a vehicle free of charge or handing over your favorite {whatever it is}'s awesome and exhilirating. Try it!

15. Learning to cook is just generally a good thing. For everyone. You don't have to be this gourmet chef in the kitchen, but being able to make some good meals, is just....good. Thank you Food Network for all your tutoring. My husband and kids are grateful too. :)

So surely I've learned more things that just 15 points in a 30 year time period, but I think these stand out the most. Hopefully I learn an bit more in the next 30 years!


  1. good stuff! I've learned a lot of those things too, especially number 1!

  2. 30!!!!
    this is the year of wisdom. just ask me. LOL