Friday, October 7, 2011

Rambling about how I'm starting to hate cleaning....

So I'm just wondering how in the world I will ever get my house in order. I mean, today, Theo and I were so set on cleaning and organizing and finally putting order to things. We were psyched up! And to put things in perspective, we did just move here, like 2 months ago and we're not totally settled. Not everything has it's place yet and we don't even have a washer and dryer. So we have mountains of laundry everywhere. Which is absolutly crazy. I mean, the mini chaos in my house is somewhat normal {right?!} but it drives me up the wall! Plus my 3 sweet kids are awesome, but maaaaan...they can make a mess! It's about 10 seconds after they wake up in the morning. And this is what I hear when I say, "clean up time, before mommy loses it!"..."mama, it's just soooo hard to clean all of this"...or..."I'm just so tired mom!" Holy smokes...if they only knew what I had to deal with! I mean, should I actually get rid of their toys?! I've totally thought about it and definitly threatened it...{I know...sorry} but geez, there has to be a better way. And half the time, Stella says, "yeah mom, that's a good idea. We should give all our toys away to the poor chocolate kids in Haiti." Hmmm.....yeah so thats a tricky one.

Besides about them dishes?! They take foreeeeever to do! And as much as we would like to do them right after we use them....we just don't. And sometimes they pile up...which drives us crazy too. And today...I have to stand at the sink for literally an hour and a half washing each thing. Crazy right?! I know. One of the truly lovely things about living in the states. Dishwashers. Well, maybe they have dishwashers here, but I haven't seen one. Maybe it's just for the mexican bourgeois??

Anyways, I'm not as bad as Theo in handling the tornado of toys, dishes and laundry all over our house. I definitly don't like it, and my kids know that when I start to look the the 'crazy lady' they better start singing 'clean up, clean up, everybody do your share' song and putting things away. Or maybe when I just hold up a wooden spoon! But Theo...he gets this glaze over his eyes. When it gets to 'that point' it seems he just shuts down. The mess of random things everywhere causes a total 'Theo system failure.' It's kinda funny actually. But not so funny when it's time to actually do something about it. My man will pick up things and just move them. Not actually put them where they belong. He just seems to shuffle things around and make them look a touch more organized. But it's all still out...not put away. And he's totally excited about how he helped out. And it's bad news if I come in and ask 'so what did you do?' What?! I just organized all this laundry! Organized? Why did you "organize" the laundry?? ha, oh man. That's just a little insight to how 'we' handle the chaos in our house sometimes. I know you wanted to know all of that, right?!

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